Friday, June 20, 2008

'Thought Showering' the Tunbridge Wells way

Hot on the heels of its new and hugely impressive logo, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has now coined a new buzzphrase - "Thought Showering".

Apparently afraid of offending people with mental illness or epilepsy, the Borough Council has thought up their new phrase to avoid using the word "brainstorming" - despite the fact that the National Society for Epilepsy actually use the term "brainstorm" themselves.

The borough council "thought shower" was derived from one of the council's "regular equality and diversity training sessions with all staff", and whilst they "welcome the clarification" from the National Society for Epilepsy, they urge that "if the term does offend even a small minority of people, they should get in touch."

So, a Thought Shower? Or a a collection of slow drips...

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