Friday, June 20, 2008

Is Britain really worth so little?

It's certainly been an interesting week. Following the "No" vote in Ireland at the end of last week, Wednesday saw the ill-fated and largely unwanted EU (Amendment) Act - otherwise known as the Lisbon Treaty - pass through the House of Lords, gaining Royal Assent on Thursday.

An unsuccessful attempt by solicitor Bill Cash, Conservative MP for Stone in Staffordshire to gain a judicial review of the ratification process were rejected by the High Court. It took a further High Court action by Conservative backer Stuart Wheeler to force the legal wheels to turn.

However, in a staggering display of arrogance, Treasury solicitors sent a letter to the High Court following Thursday's Royal Assent which said "The government is now proceeding to ratify the Treaty of Lisbon."

In turn the High Court responded through Lord Justic Richards, effectively forbidding the Government to proceed until Mr Wheeler's judgement had been determined, which should be sometime next week. In a classic understatement, the Government were "invited to stay their hand voluntarily until judgement."

Gordon Brown - currently attending an EU summit himself - seems untroubled by this unsuccessful attempt by his Government to sidestep the legal process, and is quoted as saying that this "fits in with our timetable".

When will this country stand up for itself? Headed up by a collection of Euro fanatics and Brussells groupies, we seem to be sleepwalking into a nightmare of catastrophic proportions from which it will take years to recover.

Is Britain really worth so little to this Government that it can so casually be handed over? Does Gordon Brown have so little regard for the very people he is elected to represent that he would sign away our future without even asking us?

For Mr Brown at least, fear of asking the people of Britain their view seems to be something of a habit...

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