Thursday, June 12, 2008

David Davis - noble man or stuntman?

In a move apparently without precedent in British politics, today saw the resignation of Shadow Home Secretary David Davis. The 59 year old MP for Humberside constituency Haltemprice and Howden claimed this was "a noble endeavour" over the issue of the new 42 day terror detention limit. David Cameron claimed Mr Davis' decision was "a personal decision, a decision he has made" but praised it as "courageous". See David Davis' resignation speech on BBC News website here.

Whilst former Europe Minister Denis McShane MP claims "..this will be seen as a stunt" and that "the Conservatives are totally unfit for Government", LibDem leader Nick Clegg has already agreed that, following discussion with Mr Davis his party will not be fielding a LibDem candidate in the ensuing by election.

The issue, of course, is Gordon Brown's over zealous push to increase the maximum period for which terrorist suspects can be held from the previous 28 days to a new 42 days.

Whilst Mr Davis now stands down from the Shadow Cabinet, his position is now taken by Dominic Grieve MP, who becomes Shadow Home Secretary with immediate effect.

Whilst I don't have an issue with Mr Davis' move, I do feel that the perhaps the expenses incurred by holding the by election should be found from party funds rather than the public purse. What do you think?

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