Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Time for the regulators to regulate

Interesting to see Geoff Loader from Southern Water on BBC South East Today news saying how it was wrong for his company to refuse to pay back large credit balances run up by his customers.

What is dreadful is that his organisation had massively overestimated the regular monthly payments which consumers were asked to make, and then refused to pay these back when asked for a refund.

It's not just the water companies - many other large businesses ask for regular payments against phone, broadband, gas and electricity, not to mention council tax in some areas and it's only when they get exposed in the media that contrition kicks in.

I see also that Monsignor Michael Smith from Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Tonbridge, now owed around fifteen hundred pounds in overpaid credit, is being subjected to legal action by Southern Water to recover unpaid regular payments.

Isn't it time the regulators started earning their corn?

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