Sunday, June 29, 2008

Certainly beats reading endless policy papers!

I've always loved cooking, although anything I make takes hours and anyone I'm making dinner for is usually fast asleep by the time the meal's ready.

Recently, I've started experimenting with curries, using "50 Great Curries of India" by Camellia Panjabi. It takes a little work assembling the spices and preparing the ingredients (why hasn't someone invented a fool proof grater for fresh coconut?) but ultimately it's really worthwhile if you want an authentic Indian dish that doesn't taste like the "what do I have left in the fridge" curries your Mum used to make on a Friday night...

I also adore desserts, and so I was really pleased to see the Butter Sugar Flour blog site from Linda in Australia. I've not tried any of her recipes yet, but next weekend might be the turn of her Tiramisu Layer Cake.

Certainly beats reading endless policy papers!

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