Sunday, June 15, 2008

Camden Road - a little brighter, a little safer

Went out this morning to check on the Kent Highways crew who were replacing the street lighting down Camden Road in St James'. The work was scheduled for a Sunday to minimise disruption to local traffic.

I've been pushing hard for this scheme over the last two years. It started when local residents showed me how dark the bottom end of Camden Road towards Albion Road had become, with no less than three lights out in succession. Age, wear and tear and a car crash had all taken their toll, and working with Kent Highways I managed to get not only the faulty lamps replaced, but a brand new scheme at the top end of Albion.

Now, in the new budget year we're turning our attention to a range of repair and replacement schemes, and today was Camden Road's turn. New lighting columns have been installed - not as many as were intended to be installed as unforeseen power cables will now have to be dealt with. But Kent Highways is on the case, and over the coming weeks locals will see a big improvement in street lighting generally around St James' area.

I'll be contacting residents to ask for their help in reporting lighting faults, but in the meantime, if you'd like to report a lights that's on all day, or not on at night, or even an old or broken column, please either post a comment here on my blog, or go to and leave a message for me.

But for the moment, Camden Road at least will be a little brighter, and a little safer.

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