Thursday, June 19, 2008

Modern Services in a Modern World

At the meeting of today's full County Council, Members approved KCC's Annual Plan. In an organisation like KCC, it takes a special breed of officers even to put a document together which sets out everything the organisation delivers. At 140 pages, it's a weighty tome.

To make sure the County Council actually delivers these services, every hour of every day, to the million and a half Kent residents is amazing, and to do this to the kind of standard which leads the Audit Commission to once again award the maximum four star rating and define Kent as "excellent" is nothing short of stunning.

"A tour de force" was how Labour Councillor Derek Smyth described it, and he's not wrong. Alex King, Deputy Leader described our task as delivering "modern services in a modern world". Whatever you call it, it's an impressive achievement.

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