Friday, June 20, 2008

"You wouldn't be doing this if I was white..."

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, on board a Los Angeles-bound flight from Heathrow, fell victom to the Terminal Five baggage handling nightmare shared by thousand of others when a piece of her luggage failed to arrive on board her aircraft.

Unlike others on board whose luggage hadn't been loaded, La Campbell remonstrated with cabin crew, asking them to make personal enquiries about her missing case.

Unlike the others, Ms Campbell received personal attention from the captain of the aircraft who offered her a personal apology. Hurling abuse, she ordered him to get off the plane and find her case himself. She accused him of being a racist, and added "You wouldn't be doing this if I was white." What - offering a personal apology?

Unlike the others, Ms Campbell was apparently so disruptive and abusive that staff asked her to leave the plane. When she refused the police were called, and unlike the other passengers, she wedged herself into her seat, spat at them and kicked one officer in the shin and another in the thigh.

Uxbridge magistrates ordered her to pay £2300 in fines and sentenced her to 200 hours of community service.

Her defence lawyer Simon Nicholls said "all my client wanted was to be dealt with as though she was anybody else."

So why didn't she behave like anybody else?

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