Monday, June 30, 2008

A helicopter that runs on champagne?

It's official. Prince Charles has finally been able to prove his eco-credentials, with an 18% reduction in his green footprint, his CO2 emissions now down to just 3081 tons. He's bought a Toyota Prius. He started the Brighton to London eco-rally last year.

There are energy efficient boilers at Clarence House and woodchip stoves at Highgrove, all working towards his promised 25% reduction between 2007 and 2012.

And to cap it all, he has converted his old Aston Martin - a 21st birthday present from the Queen, to run on alternative fuel. Although unlike the Japanese "water car" featured on this blog a week or so ago, the Prince's choice of fuel is - English wine. One assumes if he put in a French or German vintage, he'd have to drive on the other side of the road?

It's a shame the Prince's offspring don't share his visionary zeal. During Prince Harry's Royal Air Force training, he took five helicopter flights costing the taxpayer around £50,000, with one in particular - to a stag party on the Isle of Wight - costing just under £9000.

Perhaps we could find a helicopter that runs on champagne?

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