Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You're fired

I got back from canvassing with our MP and Borough Council candidate in St James' ward, to catch the end of The Apprentice on BBC1.

It was a shame to see Simon Smith fired, but Sir Alan Sugar was probably right when he commented that he was "out of his depth".

But when he walked through the door of Amstrad House to board his black cab back to satellite dish installation, I was reminded of something my wife said. Her theory is that the shot - of the latest loser taking the taxi ride to oblivion - has been filmed with every contestant in advance.

She observed that for the purposes of continuity on the shoot, every one will wear a coat with the collar buttoned right up to cover their shirt and tie.

And tonight? Coat buttoned to the top. So I wonder what really happens after the immortal phrase "You're fired"?

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