Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Simple Pleasures

I decided to take my kids to Pooh Bridge today, to get a little fresh air and exercise. Things didn't start well, as I didn't have a map in the car, but I set off through Wadhurst and Mark Cross - heading towards Heathfield in East Sussex.

I got to a filling station and bought us drinks and a map, before realising I should have been heading for Hartfield, not Heathfield. It was an easy mistake to make, I convinced myself as the girls got more and more bored!

Eventually, we got to the picturesque village of Hartfield, and the tea shop gave us a free map. An hour later, I realised why the map was free, as we walked past the same house for the fourth time. We even decided to follow another couple, as they were carrying two water bottles and a small bunch of "pooh sticks" - needless to say we followed them as they twice went the wrong way!

Eventually, a friendly team of scaffolders took pity, and told us how to get to Pooh Bridge. Finally, we ambled around the twisting path and saw Pooh Bridge. It was all worthwhile to hear the kids' laughter as they raced their twigs under the bridge time and again. What is it they say about simple pleasures? Well they're absolutely right.

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