Saturday, April 5, 2008

Holding the Council to account

Last September, I organised a public meeting in Sherwood for long-suffering residents to vent their anger about the state of Greggs Wood Road - the main access through the estate.

Keith Ferrin, KCC Cabinet Member for Highways and his officers promised at that meeting that at least the most important end of Greggs Wood Road - from Sherwood Road down past the Medical Centre, the entrance the the primary school, the shops and the new TN2 Community Centre - would be resurfaced in six months.

Last night, together with Borough Councillor Frank Williams, we organised a follow up meeting with Keith Ferrin to make sure KCC was delivering on its promises.

Local residents voiced a range of concerns - about the quality of the work, about when the job would be completed; about when the rest of the road would be resurfaced as well. It wasn't an easy meeting, for Frank, for me or for Keith Ferrin. But it did show that council taxpayers can have a say in hoiw and when their local services are delivered, and that they should hold the Council to account.

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