Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wait your turn for the roundabout

I see from Andrew Neil's BBC show "The Daily Politics" that Children's Secretary Ed Balls and Culture Minister Andy Burnham were filmed using play equipment at a kid's playground in South London yesterday. They bumped into each other, they fell off , they generally showed what immense fun could be had when our Labour Government decides to put money into building children's play parks.

But surely there's some mistake? Isn't this the same Labour government who, since coming to power in 1997, have allowed countless schools to sell off their playing fields to property developers? The same fun-loving party who wanted to outlaw competitive sport in case our children got upset when they didn't win?

And perhaps more importantly, where exactly are these new play parks going to be built, now that this Labour administration that have allowed much of the green space in the South East to be concreted over?

We could be excused for wondering exactly where these new parks would be built - in Kent, the two "growth areas" fingered by John Prescott will see around 120,000 new homes built over the next decade, and around 250,000 new residents to the County - so be prepared to wait your turn for the roundabout.

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