Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Most Important Day

Another day, another leaflet in St James. Helpers from Sevenoaks came down to help deliver in St James' ward, and we'd finished every letterbox by early afternoon. Our candidate and his helpers did a couple of hours of door to door canvassing before finishing, tired but pleased. Apparently three people actually stopped them in the street to wish him luck!

Tomorrow is election day in Tunbridge Wells, and the Liberal Democrats will try to hold on to four seats. It will be an interesting day.

For my part, I'll be interested to see the impact on local results of the national swing to the Conservatives.

So it's an early night, as I start my 'telling' stint at 7am, set up our systems to monitor the voting progress, then join the team dropping the next leaflet in St James' throughout the day.

So best of luck to the candidates, on the most important day of the campaign!

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