Saturday, April 12, 2008

Don't be so naieve

Dr John Sewell of Hythe has written an interesting letter to the Saturday Observer in Kent - "Abandon Hospital PFI". Dr Sewell's message is clear - he feels that PFI as a means of raising finance for building public sector buildings is expensive, dangerous, and unpredictable.

His letter states that "PFI has been called a millstone around the neck for new NHS hospitals", reducing their flexibility to respond to rapidly changing healthcare needs. He suggests that the NHS "should reconsider ... before signing this 30-year, tightly worded, risky and constrictive contract".
Well, Dr Sewell, I have news for you. Most of the rest of the public sector feels exactly the same way as you do about PFI, but sadly, it's the only game in town. If we didn't accept the Government's gracious capital funding mechanism we'd have no schools, hospitals or care homes in Kent or anywhere else for that matter.
So, Dr Sewell, if you can come up with a better means of funding Kent's new build public estate, then please let us know. In the meantime, please don't be so naieve.

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