Sunday, April 13, 2008

No Truck with Labour

This weekend saw the first advert in the Saturday Observer paid for personally by the Conservative Councillors at kent County Council.

Under the strapline "No Truck With Labour", thre advert underlined the unfairness of foreign lorry drivers crossing into and through Kent, often with a tankful of cheap French diesel. Their lorries cause damage to Kent roads (a laden freight lorry causes the same wear and tear to a road surface as 100,000 cars), and add to the congestion (on an average day there are seventeen miles of freight lorries on Kent roads if parked end to end). Not to mention the policy of "job and lob" which leaves paper parcels on our hard shoulders and hedgerows - I'll leave you to work out what that is.

The half page advert, which is reproduced above - calls for readers to visit the Kent Conservative website - - and sign the online e-petition. The response to the advert has already been excellent - watch out for more campaigns in coming months.

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