Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hopeless, gutless bastards

I see from today's Kent on Sunday (page 6, "Ex-PM Blair slammed at business exhibition") that Greg Dyke, ex-BBC Director General, has been in Kent visiting the Kent 2020 Vision business exhibition at the County Showground in Detling.

You may recall that Mr Dyke left the BBC four years ago having been caught up in something of a firestorm with Tony Blair's office over the "weapons of mass destruction" argument. He made the point that both the British and US Governments had "grossly exaggerated" the case for war, and that the journalists at the BBC had done their job, proving, as Mr Dyke said "We were right and they were wrong."

However, his comments on BBC Governors were most interesting. "If I was still in charge of the BBC I would have described the governors of the BBC as fine, upstanding people, but I can tell you most of them were hopeless, gutless bastards and the sooner the whole of the BBC governors system is changed the better."

Mark Thompson, who succeeded Mr Dyke, takes £459,000 of licence payers' money as salary, and one assumes that Mr Dyke earned nearly as much during his tenure.

So why didn't he feel brave enough to blow the whistle on the "hopeless, gutless bastards" while he was still in a position as Director General to actually do something about them?

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