Saturday, April 19, 2008

What's good for the goose...

Whilst delivering leaflets on Thursday and Friday in St James' ward, a local constituent gave me a copy of a vitriolic little leaflet from the Liberal Democrats, which made much of the fact that the Conservative candidate lived in the village of Matfield, and should not have been standing as a candidate in St James.

They went so far as to say "The Tories have shown how much they care about St James by selecting a candidate from Matfield!"

So how much do the Lib Dems think of Culverden, Pantiles and St Marks wards, where they haven't put a candidate up at all?

And having read through the "Statement As To Persons Nominated" on the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council website - - more disturbing is to see that of the sixteen ward elections, the Liberal Democrats are only fielding candidates in fourteen; and of these fourteen candidates, six of them live outside the ward where they're standing:
  • Liberal Democrat John Billingham from Hawkhurst is standing in Lamberhurst and Goudhurst
  • Liberal Democrat Jackie Prance from Southborough is standing in Pembury
  • Liberal Democrat Bob Prance from Soutborough is standing in Rusthall
  • Liberal Democrat Jean-Luc Bressard from Park is standing in Broadwater
  • Liberal Democrat Marguerita Morton from St Johns is standing in Southborough
  • Liberal Democrat Alan Bullion from Sherwood is standing in St Johns - (interestingly, Mr Bullion complained in the local press that neither Roy Bullock nor myself - both from Lamberhurst - lived in our County divisions. It turns out that Mr Bullion - himself from Sherwood - is Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate for Sevenoaks!)
So tell us again, Lib Dems - what's your view on candidates living away from the wards where they're standing?

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