Monday, March 17, 2008

Well done June

Having sampled the delights of the Grand Hotel in Torquay, and the Great Western train service to Paddington, I'm back home!

Today was quite hard work, as my two new friends from South West Provincial Employers and I probed the commitment of Torbay Council into training and developing their elected Members. Time and again we heard from Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, and Independents the secret of their success. It was June Godsalve.

A manager within the Democratic Service section, June had been tasked with working on Member Development. Despite initial hiccups, funding issues, and the inclination of elected members anywhere in the country to never admit to needing any kind of training, June persevered.

And because she was dedicated, passionate, professional and enthusiastic about her job, she made it happen.

It just made me think how lucky Councils up and down the country are to have their own June.

It's what makes local government work. Well done June.

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