Monday, March 10, 2008

A Return to Normality

After a hectic peer review in Dorset last week, it was back to normal today.

An 8am meeting with the Managing Director of Kent Adult Social Services, then post, calls and emails until 10am.

A busy Cabinet Members meeting from 10am until midday, followed by a meeting until 2pm with the Cabinet Member for Public Health on Local Involvement Networks and the new KCC HealthWatch programme.

This afternoon, a series of calls to colleagues in other authorities to discuss this week's meeting of South East Counties Adult Social Care.

I raced out of County Hall just after 5pm to get to a 6pm Governors' meeting at Sherwood Primary School, then Pembury Parish Council at 8pm, from where I'm writing this posting!

Hopefully I'll be home just after 10pm. Having left home at 7am, the fifteen hour day seems like a return to normality!

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