Saturday, March 8, 2008

Selling us out

Is this a record? Margaret Hodge, Minister of State at the Department of Culture has done it again. Whereas last September she praised the Albert Hall Proms as "a fantastic institution" and commented that it was "broadening access"...

...just six months later, she claims the event "attracts too narrow a section of society" and says it is "one of several major cultural events many people did not feel comfortable attending".

I find it incredible that on 6th June 2007, the same Margaret Hodge said that "British residents should get priority in council house allocation" - see the story yourself at

A year before this in April 2006 she stated that white voters, angry at an influx of black communities, were turning to the British National Party because of Labour's lack of leadership:

Despite a clear "about face" Ms Hodge says that culture could "enhance a sense of shared identity". But clearly only the right kind of culture - something more British than the Proms season, something greater than Jerusalem or Land of Hope and Glory.

Ms Hodge has the answer - it's Coronation Street...

Isn't it time the Government of Britain started standing up for Britain, not selling us out?

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