Saturday, March 22, 2008

Access to shops and leisure shouldn't be a postcode lottery?

I had a worrying letter from a concerned Sherwood resident today

It seems that the 277 Sunday bus service, which for some years has provided a vital transport lifeline from Sherwood Estate into Tunbridge Wells town centre, is to be discontinued by Arriva from Sunday 6th April.

Of course, if the Sunday service goes, so will the Bank Holiday services. If this service ends, with it ends shopping and leisure trips for scores of parents, children and young people who don't own cars and rely on this bus service for leisure and shopping.

I'm told that the bus service was previously funded by contributions from property developments on the Sherwood Estate. It seems as soon as these ran out, the service was doomed to discontinuation. My hope is that we can raise the profile of this service, and somehow find alternative means of providing the funding.

In this day and age, access to shops and leisure shouldn't be a postcode lottery...

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