Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pembury finally got what it deserves

After what seems like an age - after months, even years of Government vacillation, yesterday saw the Health Minister Ben Bradshaw give Government's blessing to Pembury's new hospital. A parliamentary question from Tunbridge Wells MP Greg Clark ended years of uncertainty for Pembury.

The brand new super-hospital will be the first in the NHS to offer en suite facilities in every one of its five hundred and twelve, and will feature the latest in technology to assist nursing staff.

With demolition work already in progress, construction is to start later this month, with its first admissions early in 2011, and project completion in 2012.

Of course, this is fantastic news. But what a chequered journey - remember the "alternative site" at Knight's Park? Remember the "experts" who tried to convince us that building on the existing site was the wrong decision? And whilst the arguments raged, remember the threat that - if the new hospital didn't go ahead - we'd see seven hundred and fifty new homes on the disused site?

It's been a long and, at times tortuous journey. But thanks to a long line of very committed and passionate people over a number of years, Pembury finally got what it deserves.

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