Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Can I do some B Class travelling please?

£24,300,000. That's twenty four point three million pounds, or as one national daily paper puts it, £16,000 for every day (they actually said night) that Heather Mills McCartney spent married to Sir Paul.

The legal wrangles are over - at least for now - and the four year marriage is finally laid to rest in the courts. Curiously, since Heather Mills was clearly so intent on at least initially making this battle as public as possible for maximum embarrassment factor, Sir Paul's reputation comes out relatively unscathed, whereas the media on his ex-wife is near-fatal.

So back to that figure then - £24.3m. And Heather's reaction? On the steps of the court she told waiting media it was just not enough. For their daughter Beatrice, it represented "just £35,000 a year".

Beatrice, she lamented, would have to travel "B Class" while Sir Paul "would still be travelling A Class".

Can I do some B Class travelling please?

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