Thursday, May 8, 2008

Will the real white liners please stand up?

It seems a simple enough request. A resident in Sherwood, fed up with having to knock every door along her road every time a car blocks her drive, wants a simple white line painted across the road to deter people from parking over her access.

Yet for the better part of a year, she has been passed from pillar to post between Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and County Hall.

It seems that despite her simple request for a single, eight feet long white line along the tarmac, my constituent was told by County Hall that it was the Town Hall's responsibility, and the Town Hall pointed the finger at County Hall.

Despite her best efforts, and the odd Freedom of Information request, the last few months have achieved nothing but a runaround.  In fact, in her most recent call to the Town Hall, she was informed that "we've stopped doing the white line thing".

So before at least one hard-working resident is driven mad, will the real white liners please stand up?

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