Saturday, May 24, 2008

"They'll shank you good"

Just watching BBC News, and a report about young people and the prevalence of knife crime, in the wake of the deaths of Paul Erhahon and Kodjo Yenga. Their reporter visited South East London, and met with youths in Lewisham.

When asked why he carried a knife, one thirteen year old answered "because everyone wants to kill me these days".

The saddest thing was the two young white teenage girls on the report, who in the "faux Caribbean" accents adopted by so many inner city young people these days, spoke unintelligibly about "all the boys carrying shanks and straps" and how if you bumped into a group who had a 'beef' with your group, "they'll shank you good".

I grew up in South East London, went to school in Lee Green and at one stage lived in Morley Road in Lewisham. And I don't recognise it at all. What on earth has Sir Steve Bullock, elected Labour Mayor of Lewisham and his multi-million pound Council machine, been doing?

Judging from the frightened young people on the BBC, he's given up.

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