Sunday, May 18, 2008

Verging on the ridiculous

Enough is enough. Throughout Pembury, indeed throughout Kent, the recent heatwave has seen grass on verges, roadsides and village greens growing faster than ever. And yet where were the council verge-cutters?

Nowhere. Because apparently, Kent County Council's main contractor, Jacobs hadn't actually awarded the sub contracts to an army of smaller local firms who would come out and keep the grass mowed.
It should have been done months ago. Now the grass in many places is over two feet high, and with the hot weather, we run the risk of long, dry grass being used for all sorts of dangerous purposes by local youths.

Having chased this up with Kent Highways, I'm told the contracts were signed Friday before last, but because this is a "cut, cut again, rake and take away" rather than just a "cut, get in van and drive off" job, it needs to be scheduled into the work plan. It was meant to be done last week, but doubtless I'll be told next that the two days of rain last week have prevented a proper cut.

Gilbert and Sullivan couldn't write this tale of bureacracy gone made. It's verging on the ridiculous.

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