Thursday, May 29, 2008

What would you do?

Just sat on a train next to a Mum and her young daughter. The little girl took out a puzzle, which asked her to insert various five letter words into a grid, so the fourth letter in each word spelt a new word in its column.

The first picture was of a boat - she asked her Mum what the word was, and her Mum told her "Yacht".

"How do you spell that" asked the youngster.

"Y - A - G - H - T" came the reply. I thought I'd misheard, but Mum repeated this twice as her daughter wrote in the letters.

What would you have done? Let it pass by or allow the Mum to teach her daughter the wrong spelling? Would this be seen as 'poking your nose in' or being helpful, and what does it say about our "look the other way" society?

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