Sunday, May 18, 2008

Well done to the Mums and Dads!

I went along this morning (Sunday) to present trophies at the Pembury Athletic Youth Football Club mini-soccer tournament. Hundreds of youngsters and their parents converged on The Schools at Somerhill for the two part tournament - younger age groups this morning and older teams this afternoon.

Although I could only stay for this morning, the quality of the football was excellent, with teams from all over Kent and South East London playing. Pembury's own team got through to the final at lunchtime, but despite an excellent game, lost to TW Foresters. Still, as they were told at the presentation, they did really well to get through to the final, against so many other good teams.

But you know, the real prize has to go to the organisers - the dedicated and hard-working band of dads and mums who turn out week after week, in all weathers, to support their sons and daughters.

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