Sunday, May 4, 2008

Marooned at Dunorlan!

My youngest, Elise, was asking all day if she could go to the boating lake at Dunorlan Park and "have a go on one of those pedalo things". I was still really tired after the events of the last week, but she'd been so good this morning that I agreed.

We hired a pedalo for half an hour, and set off across the lake. Elise wanted to steer, so I provided the horsepower!

For the first fifteen minutes it was all very pleasant - sunny day, slight breeze, sedate circuits of the lake. But during a rather over-confident 'figure of eight' we suddenly slowed abruptly and stopped.

Trying to pretend we were deliberately standing still, we began to attract a small crowd of onlookers onshore; after ten minutes of unobtrusive pedalling and getting nowhere, the sound of a motorboat got louder, then the voice of our rescuer - "hello sir; I see you've found our resident sunken tree stump..."

And so we were rescued from being marooned at Dunorlan...

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