Sunday, August 10, 2008

Should it matter that she's female?

I watched an item on the news last week on "Mumpreneurs" - a new buzz phrase for Mums running a business.

It seems there was a competition, and a final judging and presentation at Number 11 Downing Street.

The winning 'Mumpreneur' was announced. Apparently she's bringing up children, running a business, "and she's had to learn to drive a fork lift".

Is it just me? This whole thing seemed to be patronising in the extreme - why do these 'Mumpreneurs' have to be 'Mums running businesses'? Why can't they just be great business people bringing up a family as well?

And as for having to learn to drive a fork lift truck - what about all the women during the second World War who made sure our factories, our shops, our offices - indeed our whole country - continued to run.

Or the latest TV advert for Navy careers, which focuses on a flight mechanic who maintains multi-million pound fighter aircraft on board an aircraft carrier out at sea.

Should it matter that she's female?

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Antonia said...

If men and women took equal shares of childcare and housework in every house across the country, you are right, mumpreneurs might not be news. As things stand, though, many women running their own businesses are doing it at te same time as taking the lions share of responsibilty for family tasks.