Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nobody can say I'm not trying!

Regular readers will recall my fateful meeting with elderly residents from St Philips Court in Sherwood (Won't Be Making That Mistake Again, July 21) where I thought I was helping their accessibility to the local doctor and chemists by arranging a Kent Karrier service - apparently much to their disgust!

What they really wanted, of course, was for the existing Arriva 277 bus service to vary its route to pick them up close to St Philips Church, then drop them off at the existing bus stops along Greggs Wood Road.

I sent yesterday a pile of Kent Karrier leaflets and application forms to the Manager of St Philips Court, and suggested that she made these available to those residents who couldn't be at the previous meeting, but who might find the Kent Karrier option useful. I also sent a wad of timetables and routing details for the Countyliner 279 Sunday service, which you may recall I arranged through Kent County Council when Arriva discontinued their Sunday service back in April of this year.

I also wrote to Arriva yesterday to ask if they would consider varying the 277 route - even if this change were only made to one of the four buses every hour. Time will tell whether I'm successful in my request, but nobody can say I'm not trying!

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