Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our "European Masters"?

Visited the tiny village of Ludham in Norfolk today - just a pub, a butchers, and a general store, which did everything - Post Office, delicatessen, off licence and corner shop all in one.

A home-made sign by the fruit and veg proudly headed "Rule Britannia" exclaimed: "Due to our European Masters, we now have to sell our fruit and veg by kilos, not pounds and ounces. For your information, a kilo is roughly 2.2 pounds."

Reminded me of something Daniel Hannan MEP used to say - "In our brave new Europhile world, you cannot now buy a few ounces of cannabis. Not because buying cannabis is of itself illegal, but because you can't now buy it pounds and ounces!"

In these days of increasing globalisation, I wonder if "our European Masters" truly understand the day to day implications of their legislation, let alone care about the reaction of the public to it?

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