Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Gym so posh it's called James

I see from today's Times ("Steve Gerrard's new gym is bigger than the houses next door" - click here) that Steven Gerrard, captain of the mighty Liverpool FC has built a gym behind his stately pile in Freshfieds, Merseyside.

Nothing unusual about that? Well this gym is larger than some of the surrounding houses, being built on the site of a former bungalow. The two storey copper and glass structure came with a price tag of £350,000.

And apparently the building is on such a scale that it actually has a different postcode to Gerrard's house in whose garden it sits. "
It's like building an Asda in the middle of a beauty spot" said one disgruntled neighbour.

The neighbours will need to make sure they get the right address when they send their vitriolic letters of complaint...

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