Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adventures in Royland

Got up really early this morning and left Salhouse Broad en route to Wroxham. A friend whose relations lived in the area sent me an email telling me to "count the number of 'Roys' in Wroxham" and I didn't fully appreciate what he was saying.

Until I got off the boat and walked out of the mooring. I was in the car park of "Roy's Shoppers" department store. This was just opposite the toy shop "Roy's Children's World" which was next door to "Roy's Food Land". As I waited to cross the road I overheard passers-by discussing the mythical 'Roy' in hushed tones.

Clothes were in abundance - both at "Miss Royz" the boutique for the discerning young lady, and in the clothing department of the department store. Looking around, I noticed that I was surrounded by people who had eaten their 'Roy' breakfast and dressed entirely in 'Roy' clothing.

I'm sure Roy is a super chap, but it did make me think of Patrick McGoohan in "The Prisoner" - if you dared to shop anywhere else, would a huge white bubble chase you down the high street?

After an interesting 'Adventure in Royland', like the man from the News of the World, I made my excuses and left!

(click here to read the history of Roys of Wroxham)

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