Monday, February 4, 2008

No spitting, no touching people inappropriately

That nice Hazel Blears has done it again! In an effort to ease tensions in communities with an influx of migrants, town halls will now offer a "newcomer pack".

Full of invaluable advice to help with integration into British society, nuggets such as "Don't spit", "Don't touch people inappropriately" and the classic "Queue in shops" will allegedly ease the tensions caused by Government having totally underfunded local services in growth areas, and having little or no record of migrant numbers anyway.

Helpfully, "action plans" are now due to be worked up with local councils by Government, who intend to invest some £50m over the next three years - that's £88 a year for each of the 190,000 new migrants who enter this country on average every year. What a difference that will make to local councils struggling to provide services...

Ms Blears said today: "As a government we have a role in ensuring that the diversity which is a real strength of this country is successfully managed..."

Why start now when chronic mismanagement has been so easy for so long?

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