Monday, February 4, 2008

A Place for Everything

Just in case any of us were wondering, that helpful Hazel Blears has come to our aid yet again. The Department of Communities and Local Government - for that is the name of her department this week - is gearing up to send out a "Place Survey" to every household.

Of course, in case this questionnaire gets reviled and slated by residents as a complete waste of time and money, local councils are being asked to send the survey out on behalf of Government.

The survey, branded "Invasion of Your Privacy" by Kent on Sunday newspaper, will ask if you are happy with your accommodation (well I'd quite like a six bed detached please...) and whether your local area is "a place where people from different backgrounds get on well together." Just in case you don't know where your local area is, the Government helpfully defines it:

"...the 'local area' is defined as within 15-20 minutes walking distance, which is a distance of three-quarters of a mile to a mile at an average walking speed of 3mph."

It also asks whether you have "none, moderate or extreme pain or discomfort". Well I wouldn't have if I didn't keep getting daft surveys through my door...

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