Thursday, September 11, 2008

My New Blog -

Since starting up my Blogger site in October of last year, I've tried to post regularly - every day when I could. The response has been great, and I've been really surprised. As the months have gone on, I've started up a Wordpress blog site in addition, and used the functionality of Blogger to email my postings in from my Blackberry. I then imported these new postings into Wordpress to ensure that both blogs were the same.

Then - shock horror - the Tech Support team from Wordpress informed me that by running twin identical blogs, I was running the risk of being blacklisted by search engines.

And so I've had to make a choice. Do I maintain my Blogger site, or my Wordpress site?

I'm keeping Wordpress, so if you want to read my thoughts, observations and opinions from now on, go to

Sorry Blogger - it's been great...

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