Monday, September 8, 2008

Cabinet in the Community

I note that Gordon Brown took his Cabinet to the people today, visiting the people of Birmingham.  At the International Conference Centre, Cabinet Members each sat at a table of 'real people' to discuss life, the universe and everything, and Mr Brown promised to send every person in the hall a written copy of what he and his team understood from the conversation.  That should be an interesting read.

A formal Cabinet meeting ensued, preceded by a suitable media call before the media were then expelled before the confidential discussion.

After this, Labour Ministers travelled hither and thither, spreading the word in a range of media friendly settings. Ed Balls, Education Secretary visited a local school where he congratulated a hall full of visibly nonplussed students on their exam results; whilst Foreign Secretary David Miliband talked culture and was presented with what appeared to be a silver camel in a presentation box.

And all around, Mr Brown's colleagues told everybody what a jolly good man he was - Alan Johnson, Andy Burnham, even Harriet Harman appeared to have conveniently forgotten the contrary interview she gave to Andrew Marr just a couple of weeks ago.

And all the while, Brendan Barber worked the crowd at the TUC Congress into a state of fervour over plans to strike over the 'derisory' public sector pay award.

You couldn't write this stuff. The sooner it's all over and we can stop pretending Labour's chaotic circus has some intended consequences, the better.

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