Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sonic versus Charlton

If you've seen the TV advert for Gillette razors, you'll know the agency has enlisted the assistance of Thierri Henri, Roger Federer and Tiger Woods to respectively kick and hit balls at some unsuspecting chap trying to have a quiet shave.

The sad thing is that, having assembled this trio of sporting superstars, they then have to explain by captions who they are.

I thought this was bad enough, until I saw the new Activia advert. A group of young boys are playing football, and call for an elderly chap walking his dog to "give us our ball back grandad.". He makes a stunning curved long shot into the back of the net, then the camera shows us all that the old chap is actually Jack Charlton.

The sad thing is that the final shot is a pot of Activia yoghourt next to a framed photo of Charlton in 1966 holding up the Jules Rimet trophy.

How sad that people are probably more likely to recognise Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario or some other Nintendo hero than a real person who has won their status by real human endeavour.

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