Friday, July 11, 2008

Abbott looks to get cheeky

During last night's episode of "This Week" - with Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo and Diane Abbott, the Cheeky Girls were brought on as guests.

Andrew Neil asked Ms Abbott a question on the economy, at which point she deflected the question by asking "I'd rather know what the Cheeky Girls think about the economy?"

What a cheap shot from a clearly embittered lady. Later on she asked the Cheeky Girls "what do you think are the differences between Gordon Brown and President Ceaucescu?"

What is wrong with her? Was this a feeble attempt to appear intellectually superior to a couple of slim, attractive young women?

Thank goodness the girls didn't respond by asking Ms Abbott to stand up and sing a pop song. After the realignment of Freeview frequencies this week blew up thousand of top boxes, Ms Abbott performing might just have blown up the TVs as well...

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Anonymous said...

I follow your blog with interest and from it am aware you promote equalities at KCC. Whilst I appreciate the point you are making about Ms Abbott scoring intellectual points I'm really disappointed you found it necessary to comment on their physical appearance, and refer to them as 'girls'. It was not necessary and undermines your valid point about Ms Abbot's behaviour. It's this kind of language that perpetuates stereotypical attitudes about women.