Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Barna-Bus Pre school nursery - a runaway success

After two days in Westminster this week, on Friday I paid another visit to St Barnabas Church in St James, for the launch of the Barna-Bus Pre-School Nursery.

The event was really well attended, with representatives from Church, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and the Kent County Council Early Years Unit, Teresa Anderson, Head Teacher at St Barnabas Primary School along with parents and of course - stars of the show - the children themselves.

Father Ed Tomlinson, the real brains behind the vision talked about how the project had come to fruition. Having only just opened on May 6th some twenty six families were now atttending and by September this was expected to rise to around thirty two.

I was honoured to have been asked, along with Pippa Anderson, Head of the pre-school and of course the children themselves to plant a young apple tree to commemorate the launch. With such a runaway success already, I look forward to seeing the next phase of the project, the new Community Centre, become a reality before too long.

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