Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We all need somebody

I accompanied one of our Care Supervisors yesterday on a home visit to two elderly ladies. Each had recently been discharged from hospital after an operation, and each were being given up to six weeks recuperative care from Kent Social Services to prepare them for living independently once again.

One lady - in her mid seventies - had undergone a shoulder joint replacement. Her recovery was slow and painful, and I asked how she got on with simple tasks like shopping.

"I'm very lucky" she told me "I've got a lovely couple next door. They're older than me, but very active - always off on another cruise or going off somewhere. They take me out to the shops, or Church or the doctors.

"But you know, I feel really guilty, because I begrudge them each other - my husband died ten years ago. And although I'm in a lot of pain and can't really move around a lot, I'm sure I wouldn't feel any of that if he were still here with me."

Suddenly I was lost for words..

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