Saturday, January 5, 2008

Let there be light - as long as it's low energy

After our wheelie bins, the latest target of government's green focus is our light bulbs. By 2011 shops will have to stop selling traditional bulbs in favour of the new low energy type.

Forget the fact that they're usually bulkier, heavier, and significantly more expensive.

In addition, it's come to light (excuse the pun!) in the last week that these new low energy bulbs can cause migraines and serious headaches for some people.

Add to this the fact that the new bulbs contain mercury. This could cause problems if they get broken in our homes, and when they expire and need to be thrown away, will constitute hazardous waste and doubtless need special (and expensive) processing.

All in all another informed, fully researched and well thought out Government initiative.


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