Sunday, January 20, 2008

Draw your own conclusions...

I read today's Kent on Sunday with interest. In the corner of page 11 was a particularly mean-spirited little piece "KCC Newspaper Costs £50,000".

The paper revealed that KCC's quarterly bulletin 'AroundKent", distributed through HomeBase, McDonalds and posted through every Kent letterbox, cost £50,000 to print and publish. It added that AroundKent has moved to newspaper rather than magazine format, as this reduced the total cost from 16p to 8p a copy.

I have always thought that Kent on Sunday was an excellent newspaper. Balanced, informative, and not afraid to swim against the tide when it spoke out for the people of Kent. Indeed, it was awarded in 2007 "The UK's Free Newspaper of the Year" - no empty accolade.

Just what is Kent on Sunday's point? Surely they can't be worried about the competition. Nor can it be the loss of advertising revenue - AroundKent pulls a fraction of the revenue of KOS to help defray costs.

So why this negativity? Draw your own conclusions...

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