Friday, December 7, 2007

That's the way to do it...

Having been part of the Local Government pay negotiation team earlier this year, I'm keenly aware of how hard the Government were trying to keep public pay low. I was struck by how unfair it was that while local government was being told not to go above a 2% settlement "at any cost", it was fine for other public professions to get 2% "plus a bit extra for their jolly hard work". This was both divisive and derisory.

The Police were awarded 2.5% in this year's pay round, and since September officers have waited patiently for their enhanced pay packet. Today we hear that their new pay will be awarded from December - a full quarter later than promised. Of course, in real terms this is a reduction in agreed pay, and a breach of the promised pay settlement.

The Home Secretary must be immensely proud of her success in reducing the pay bill without risking industrial action by police officers.

Of course, Christmas is a dangerous time to be playing politics with the wages of your police force ...

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