Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tax upon tax upon tax...

I notice today that The Fabian Society is suggesting that parents sending their children to private school should pay VAT on their school fees.

The General Secretary Sunder Katwala feels that the. Money raised could assist others, saying "Putting VAT on private school fees could finance an opportunity fund to tackle educational disadvantage"

Haven't those very parents who can afford private education already done their bit by - in many cases - paying higher rate taxation, and by reducing the pressure on overcrowded state schools by taking their children out in the first place?

Sounds like the old 'private health care' argument to me. Those who pay for private health schemes, don't use the ever-worsening NHS, yet still pay for it through their National Insurance. Why not charge them another tax as well?

Maybe government should spend more time chasing the hundreds of thousands who slip through their large-mesh net and into this country's "black economy" - thus evading tax altogether - to account.

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