Friday, October 5, 2007

If only all Councils were like this one?

Fascinating to hear Daniel Hannan (, one of our illustrious South East MEPs, talking at County Hall in Maidstone earlier today.

He pointed to the policies of our Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne MP and how he intended to change Stamp Duty, Inheritance and Capital Gains taxes with savings and revenue income of around £3.5billion.

Daniel's point was that - if the percentage of budget savings and efficiencies made by Kent County Council were extended across the country, the savings figure would be in the order of £6.2 billion - and that rather than reducing, this figure would provide enough to scrap entirely Capital Gains Tax, to scrap entirely Inheritance Tax, to scrap entirely Stamp Duty and "still have enough loose change left to take a penny off Income Tax".

It's an interesting hypothesis, but - against contrary opinion - KCC currently has no plans for global, or even national domination...

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