Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good, but can do better...

A few weeks ago, I tripped over while running with my daughters, and pulled a ligament in my shoulder. It's no big thing, but I decided as I was in Tunbridge Wells this afternoon that I'd drop in to the Kent and Sussex and have it x-rayed.

I thought Sunday afternoon was a good bet, because surely there wouldn't be any delays in my being seen - would there? How wrong I was! I walked in to reception to be confronted by an overrun reception staff, an overworked Casualty team, and so many people waiting that they'd actually run out of chairs for them to wait in.

I left without registering, feeling that I'd only add to the workload, and that I'd find another time to get my x-ray. I was pleased when, on Monday of this week I 'walked the wards' and found so much improvement to the dreadful pictures in the recent Healthcare Commission report. It's clear that this Government needs to invest in areas other than just the "headline" ones if a dedicated NHS staff are not to be run off their feet.

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