Thursday, November 1, 2007

No Lollipop for Pembury Children?

Earlier this week, I called a meeting of parents at Pembury Primary School. After years of sterling effort Margaret, their lollipop lady retired. Although the school has advertised again and again, they simply can't find a replacement.

So the meeting was called to discuss the options. Could I arrange for Pembury's Community Warden to be trained up to cross the children? Could I arrange for a zebra crossing to be installed? Could we involve the Parish Council? Could we install a Speed Indicator Device?

Our meeting lasted over an hour, and provided a really useful exchange of views and information. The parents were clearly keen to resolve the issue, but were really proactive and helpful - even suggesting that they could fund raise towards the cost of a crossing.

We've agreed to meet again in four weeks' time when I've made some contacts with other organisations, the media and my colleagues in Kent Highways.

I hope we can resolve the issue - with the backing and support of such a positive group of parents, proud of their school and their children, it looks increasingly likely.

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